Japan DLS Kits 2024 – Dream League Soccer Kits 2024

Grab the latest “Japan DLS Kits 2024“. Japan is a very professional football team. The full name of the team is the Japan national football team. The nickname of the team is Samurai Blue. Japan football team is a member of FIFA. The Japan team is also a member of AFC (Asia). The Sub-confederation name of the team is EAFF (East Asia). The association name of the team is Japan Football Association (JFA). The home stadium name of the Japanese football team is Japan National Stadium. JPN is the official FIFA code given to the Japanese team.

Dream League Soccer Japan Kits 2024

The Japan football team has a very successful record in football history. The Japan football team becomes on 9th position two times in 2002 and 2010 in FIFA world cups. The team won many world titles like AFC Asian Cup in 1992, 2000, 2004, 2011, Asian Games become on third place in 1951, 1966, Olympic Games become on third place in 1968. The Japan football team is on 17th position in FIFA ranking.

Currently, Maya Yoshida is the Captain of the Japanese national football team. Maya Yoshida is playing with Italian football club Sampdoria and he is one of the best Centre-back in European Football Leagues. The head coach of the Japanese football team is Hajime Moriyasu and he performed his duties as a manager in the past. Yasuhito Endō is a former Japanese football team player. Yasuhito Endō played (152) matches from their national side. Kunishige Kamamoto is a very star and famous player in the history of football matches from the Japan side. Kunishige Kamamoto scored 75 goals in his international career. The Japan football team has a large number of fans from all over the world because of their past record and performances.

Japan DLS Kits 2024

If you had played dream league soccer game then you are the big fan of the Japan football team. Currently, some best players in national squad of the Japan football team are Eiji Kawashima(GK), Maya Yoshida(DF), Takumi Minamino(MF), and Takuma Asano(FW), Musashi Suzuki(FW). Japan has beautiful DLS 2024 Kits. You can edit the kits. There are three types of kits home, away and the third kit which you can customize. You can also download National Team Kits.

Japan Home Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/GvrY8CZ.png

Japan DLS Kits 2024

URL: https://i.imgur.com/SHKXgXM.png

japan kit dls 2024 home1 temp

The home Japan dream league soccer kit is excellent. The color of the home kit is blue. There are some red lines on the home kit of Japan. The sponsor of the home kit is Adidas. The home kit is used when the match is in the country or state.

Japan Away Kit

URL: https://i.imgur.com/Wf4ZRA1.png

japan kit dls 2024 away temp

The away Japan Kits 2024 Dream League Soccer is attractive. The color of the away kit is white. There are many lines on the away kit of Japan. The sponsor of the away kit is Adidas. Away kit is used when the match is in another country or state. Japan kit 512×512 is a very excellent design.

Japan Logo

URL: https://i.imgur.com/tPmX0WO.png

Japan World Cup Qualifiers 2022 Logo

Grab the “Japan Dream League Soccer Logo“. Japan DLS logo is stylish. Many colors are used in the club logo. The name of the club is also written on the club logo. There is an eagle image shown in the club logo. Japan is an international football team from East Asia. The size of the logo is 512×512.

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